The project

The project

The main goal of this project is to bring together two completely opposite worlds into a new and exciting story. Take a contained space, a view inside a Parisian swimming pool, and bring the outside world into the pool, similar to when a user or employee walks into the building from the outside into this other world that is the swimming pool.

Relaxation or stress, “good” tiredness after effort, a change in perception, like flying (astronauts prepare for weightlessness by exercising in water !) bring these dreams within everyones grasp. Time in the pool can also be used to switch off and introspect. The outside world may be real or imaginary, inspired or not by a work of art. The body immersed in water looses its usual landmarks. Reality and imagination, outside and inside, aquatic and non aquatic, all mix in this ambivalent ”fusion” of two worlds.


The idea was to photograph selected pools outside of public hours.

The second stage were the magic occurred was when returning to the pool during public hours and bringing the outside world in.

A majority of the shots were taken using  pool lifeguards as models. The photos were taken on quieter Monday mornings without disturbing the employees. Every session was fully authorised through appropriate documentation. We were welcomed at every site and as our work progressed, all showed us constant support.

The exhibition

The exhibition features twenty one photos. They were exposed at DJS , The City of Paris department of sports and youth. The exhibition then took the road and was presented  in 16 Parisian pools . The photos can now “live” in other public places: other pools, other sites.

These pictures are an opportunity for visitors to view or discover the Parisian swimming pools from a fresh and new perspective.